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Philippines aims to cut red tape and attract new FDI

FDI inflows to the Philippines have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, yet the country continues to lag behind its neighbours, central bank governor Amando Tetangco, Jr, tells fDi.

Yokohama port
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As Abenomics shows signs of strain, will Japan unlock growth potential?

Japan prime minister Shinzo Abe has attempted to lift the economic stagnation that has afflicted the country in recent years with his 'Abenomics' reform policy. Jacopo Dettoni examines why, after some early success, the plan is showing signs of strain.

Japan tourism
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Booming tourism broadens scope for FDI into Japan

Annual visitors to Japan look set to exceed the 20 million mark for the first time ever in 2016, creating new tourism investment opportunities, as Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

Hiroyuki Ishige
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Jetro chief sets sights on a more investable Japan

With the Abe government aiming to increase Japan's stock of FDI to Y35,000bn by 2020, business and immigration reforms are a key pillar of its strategy to improve the business environment for foreign investors, as Hiroyuki Ishige, CEO of the Japan External Trade Organization, tells Jacopo Dettoni.

Air Liquide Japan
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Japan seeks to maximise R&D potential

Japan has been at the forefront of technological development for years, and hopes a new incentive programme to lure foreign investors into setting up local R&D operations will ensure it reaps the rewards of this fertile environment. 

Japan - Suzuki
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Abe’s FDI bet yet to pay dividends

Shinzo Abe’s government is striving to lift barriers to foreign investment in Japan, and Asian investors are already making the most of the improving business environment. However, as Jacopo Dettoni reports, overall business sentiment among foreign investors remains subdued, although gradually improving. 

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Little change and a glimpse of hope as Mirziyoyev takes reins in Uzbekistan

New president Shavkat Mirziyoyev represents continuity rather than change for Uzbekistan, but many in the country believe the time is ripe for much needed reforms, especially foreign exchange, as Jacopo Dettoni reports. Despite the worst foreign investment record in the CIS, investors see potential in the country’s vast resources and are keenly waiting for it to emerge from its long-time isolation.

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Q&A with Kazakh sovereign wealth fund

Kazakhstan's sovereign wealth fund, Samruk-Kazyna, is looking to finally privatise many of its assets, after a series of false starts. The fund's newly appointed managing director for strategy and portfolio investment, Baljeet Kaur Grewal, talks Jacopo Dettoni through the plans.

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Turkey seeks to heat up FDI following failed coup

The Turkish government regained control after the coup attempt in July 15, and extended an initial three-month state of emergency. Investors have not fled the country, reports Jacopo Dettoni, but inflows are drying up.

Zil factory, Moscow
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The real estate development that consign Moscow's Soviet-era factories to history

Dozens of industrial areas lie idle in Moscow as redevelopment has been hindered by fragmented ownership structures. However, through a new law enabling local authorities to expropriate these areas, regeneration is expected to pick up and drive a rebound in the local real estate market, as Jacopo Dettoni reports.  

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