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Who is controlling China's foreign investment drive?

The often opaque ownership of Chinese companies is presenting Western authorities considering FDI deals with the challenge of discovering who ultimately controls these entities, and whether they carry antitrust risk. Jacopo Dettoni reports.

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From basket case to FDI hotspot? Argentina's revival under Macri

Argentina's new president, Mauricio Macri, is turning the page on the troubled Kirchner years and aiming to revive the country's economy. FDI figures are on the rise again after years of decline but investors' patience will be tested as the country struggles to shrug off double-digit inflation rates. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

Mauricio Cárdenas
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Colombia pledges to respect fiscal rule despite falling oil revenues

Colombia is struggling to keep its accounts in order as contributions from resource-based industries dry up. However, the government is committed to cutting expenditure and diversifying the economy to sustain growth and prevent burgeoning deficits, finance minister Mauricio Cárdenas tells Jacopo Dettoni. 

Manuel Santos
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Colombia mulls way forward as peace deal fails

Colombian voters recently rejected a proposed deal to end a 52-year-old conflict with Farc rebels, casting new shadows over the country's economy. President Manuel Santos now faces a tough road ahead as he is left with little room to approve a new peace agreement and the key reforms needed to cover growing fiscal deficits. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

Amy Bryant

More UK business for Jersey post-Brexit

As a Crown Dependency, Jersey is neither part of the UK or the EU. Amy Bryant, chief operating officer at investment promotion agency Jersey Finance, tells fDi how this special status leaves it unaffected by the Brexit uncertainties swirling nearby. 

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Colombia expects to reap economic fruits of peace

Colombia's peace agreement with Farc, which will go to a referendum in early October, could create new investment opportunities, finance minister Mauricio Cárdenas tells fDi.

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Russia looks East in push to develop Siberian resources

Siberia is a land of opportunities open for business, as Alexei Chekunkov, the head of the Far East Development Fund established by Moscow to foster growth in the distant region, tells Jacopo Dettoni. 

Lithium in Bolivia

Resourceful Bolivia turns to FDI

As resource-rich Bolivia continues to lead South America in economic growth despite the end of the commodity super-cycle, president Evo Morales is planning to maintain the trend through a combination of public and private investment and greater domestic consumption. 

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São Paulo woos international investors with PPP

Brazil’s largest state, São Paulo, is working out the details of a new PPP programme designed to allay the concerns of foreign investors amid the country’s political and economic troubles.

Juan Procaccini
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Argentina gains traction

Argentina’s new president is newly opening the country to foreign investment by lifting many of the restrictions typical of the often troubled years of the Kirchners. The newly-launched national Investment and Trade Promotion Agency is already dealing with 130 companies that showed interest in developing projects worth some $23bn, its president Juan Procaccini tells fDi, although the economy is still in the process of recovering. 

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