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EY Italy chief on the country’s FDI comeback

Italy has navigated stormy economic waters for years. But, as EY Italy CEO Donato Iacovone tells Jacopo Dettoni, the country is trying to regain some of its investment appeal on the back of the government’s reform agenda. 

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What will China’s 'new normal' economic development mean for foreign investors?

China is rebalancing its economy away from investment-intensive, export-oriented industries and into service-based sectors. Jacopo Dettoni speaks to delegates at the 2016 China Business Conference to ask what impact this will have on the country's FDI scene.

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Italy to develop technological park in Milan Expo 2015 site

Post-event strategy to turn Milan's Expo 2015 area into magnet for top-quality education, research and production activities in announced. 

Thailands new plan of attack

Thailand moves to upgrade economy to fight off regional competition

Thailand is betting on the development of hi-tech clusters and special economic zones to shore up economic growth and foreign investment amid increasing competition from countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar. 

Dusan Vujovic

Serbian finance minister looks to FDI to fuel country's recovery

Serbia's finance minister, Dusan Vujovic, is a core figure in the country's economic recovery. He tells Jacopo Dettoni how its privatisation programme, economic reforms and infrastructure upgrade will put Serbia on a more stable footing.

A new Silk Road

New Silk Road: will revival of an old trade route bring new investment opportunities?

China's modern day Silk Road initiative will shake up the trade world, linking the country with the Middle East and Europe via rail lines that pass through central Asia and shipping routes that circumnavigate south-east Asia. But how realistic are China's aims? And who will be the initiative's ultimate winners? Jacopo Dettoni reports.

Bostjan Skalar

Waipa chief calls for focus on sustainable development goals

Waipa's newly appointed executive director, Bostjan Skalar, tells Jacopo Dettoni why developing countries must focus on priority markets and sustainable development goals in an uncertain economy.

Suma Chakrabarti

EBRD president hopes for Silk Road boost to central Asia

The EBRD registered record levels of investment in central Asia in 2015, and also welcomed China as a member. Its president, Suma Chakrabarti, tells Jacopo Dettoni why China's modern Silk Road initiative could provide multiple benefits to the region.

Vietnams perfect placement

Vietnam's perfect timing and placement brings FDI rewards

Its cheap labour and proximity to China are already luring major investors, including South Korean conglomerate Samsung, into Vietnam. And recently signed trade agreements look set to further consolidate the country's position as a major FDI player in south-east Asia.  

Kra Canal Project chief spells out win-win advantages

Pakdee Tanapura, the international director of the International Executive Committee for the Study of the Kra Canal Project, tells Jacopo Dettoni why the construction of the canal will provide a boost to a the struggling Thai economy, as well as to the trade routes of China and the rest of south-east Asia.

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