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iran remains in

Iran remains in the cold as JCPOA deal stalls

A long awaited FDI wave has yet to materialise in Iran as Tehran and Washington continue to lock horns and throw the future of the nuclear deal into question. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

Takehiko Nakao
From Locations

ADB president looks to narrow Asia's inclusivity gap

The Asian economy is growing fast, but sizeable pockets within the continent are being left behind. The president of the Asian Development Bank, Takehiko Nakao, tells Jacopo Dettoni how his organisation is looking to tackle this problem.

cryptocurrency to the

Cryptocurrency to the rescue in Africa?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are tipped to fix some of Africa's most deeply rooted problems, but results have yet to come through. 

the blockchain benefits

IBM blockchain head hails 'digital reinvention'

Blockchain is transforming the way in which business is done, and few companies are more aware of this than IBM. Its general manager of blockchain services, Jason Kelley, tells Jacopo Dettoni how the certainty, trust and access to quality data that blockchain offers can be beneficial for all.

estonia goes deeper

Estonia's e-residency programme goes deeper, digitally

The e-residency programme launched by Estonia in 2014 – which allows anyone anywhere in the world to start a company in a quick and cheap manner within the EU jurisdiction – is beginning to pay off. Now, as Jacopo Dettoni reports, the country is extending the programme with the launch of a cryptocurrency. 

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Latin America eyes opportunities from US-China trade war

Countries across Central and South America are hoping to have the chance to step in and fill the void left by banned Chinese exports to the US. But Beijing is strengthening its footprint in the region in an effort to reroute US-bound exports through Latin America. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

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Foreign investors drive up Italian corporate real estate

Foreign players made up 70% of corporate real estate investment in Italy in 2017, adding impetus to a recovery which began in 2013. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

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US-China trade feud escalates

Washington and Beijing both promised a new round of unilateral tariffs on each other's imports bypassing the WTO altogether, intensifying a fight that is sending shockwaves through the global trade order. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

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Western Balkans investment platform goes live

With the endorsement of the EBRD, the six countries in the western Balkans region have launched a one-stop shop for foreign investors. Jacopo Dettoni reports.    

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Ethiopian PM resigns amid social unrest

Protests by Oromo and Amhara groups eventually forced prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn to step down, beginning a delicate transition of power for the fast-growing country. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

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