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Logistics Index shows China waning; India, UAE and Malaysia rising

The logistics industry is taking a downbeat view of China, while India is now seen as the country with the most potential for growth.

Irkut aims to get off the ground in Latin America

Irkut aims to get off the ground in Latin America

Russian aircraft manufacturer Irkut Corporation hopes to tap into the potential of Brazil's aviation market, taking advantage of investment incentive programmes and becoming an early mover in what is predicted to become one of the world's fastest growing markets for air travel. 

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Foreign investors warned to be wary of cyber attacks

A US defence expert has warned CEOs that they should be increasingly aware of cyber security when entering a new country, with Latin America a particular concern.

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US dominates OAG's Megahubs 2015 Index

OAG's Megahubs 2015 Index shows US beats Europe for airport connectivity, with eight US hubs in the top 10, but only one European hub in the top 30


View from the C-Suite: DHL takes root in China

Online retail continues to grow in China, and DHL eCommerce’s Asia-Pacific division is on the spot with a new facility designed to handle the resulting flow of goods. Chief executive Malcolm Monteiro talks to Karen E Thuermer.


Emerging markets grab greater data centre share

As corporate dependence on technology continues to grow, developing economies are grabbing a greater share of investment in data centres despite their limited amount of suitable business space.


Industry 4.0: what does it mean for investors?

It’s the future of manufacturing, according to many experts, but what effect will Industry 4.0 have on the flow of investment capital, and which countries will benefit most?


Hitachi Rail on a roll in UK

Lucrative contracts across England and Scotland have brought Hitachi Rail to the UK, investing millions in a manufacturing facility and creating 700 jobs.


Huawei: a global firm with a local touch

Chinese company Huawei is expanding exponentially, shipping millions of smartphones annually. But, says Karen E Thuermer, the telecommunications supplier is keen to keep it local when it comes to establishing a presence in new markets.

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Estonia tops International Tax Competitiveness Index

Estonia has the most competitive tax code out of the 34 countries assessed in the International Tax Competitiveness Index, while the UK improved its standing and the US remained stagnant.

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