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In Dispute: EU-led investment treaties slow to get off the ground

Recent events in Europe have hobbled European Commission efforts to include foreign investment protections and benefits in EU free-trade agreements. Luke Peterson reports.

In Dispute: lessons from the over-ruling of Ghana's constitution

International arbitrators appear to have ruled against Ghana’s constitutional provisions designed to ensure the country's parliament signs off major contracts, and have awarded a foreign investor a huge settlement. Luke Peterson reports.

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In Dispute: a novel way around letting off wrong-doers

A ruling on a dispute between Uzbekistan and an Indian investor has provided an innovative and potential game-changing solution to the problem of governments ducking liability over the poor treatment of investors in the event of them winning arbitration cases, writes Luke Peterson.

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In Dispute: the pain of Spain

A handful of arbitration cases against Spain regarding its renewable energy policies have been settled, but many more are to come in what will prove a costly process for the country, win or lose, writes Luke Peterson.

In Dispute: Canada wins Eli Lilly international arbitration appeal

While Canada prevailed in the case brought against it by US pharma Eli Lilly, the ultimate winner appears to be investors, who retain the right to be heard by an international arbitration court.

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In Dispute: ICSID looks to re-evaluate and reshape

As dispute settlement centre ICSID announces that it is revamping its regulations, greater transparency and a cut in the time and cost of arbitration will top the agenda.

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In Dispute: Sovereign states hit by Stockholm syndrome

Sovereign states caught off-guard by the arrival of fast-track powers for the tribunal that settles disputes between foreign investors and host countries may be tempted to curb its powers. 

In Dispute: Yukos sees $50bn ruling overturned

Russia breathes a sigh of relief as a Dutch court rules it is not liable in a protracted oil case.

In Dispute: European Commission rails against bilateral treaties

A dispute between Romania and Sweden over a bilateral pact, which saw an external arbitrator rule in favour of the latter, has angered the European Commission.

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In Dispute: effects of Spain's feed-in tariff retreat victory could be widespread

A majority ruling in Sweden that the Spanish government does not have to compensate renewable energy investors attracted to the country by a previous regime's policies will have repercussions on a global scale.

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