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Chinese FDI outflows in decline in 2012

FDI out of China has slowed in 2012, with project numbers recorded in the first 10 months of the year down on the same period in 2011.

Asia-Pacific sees transportation sector boom

In the first half of 2012, Asia-Pacific's transport sector witnessed its best first half on record, with more than 100 FDI projects recorded.

Pakistan witnesses significant decline in FDI in 2012

FDI into Pakistan has slowed considerably in 2012, with just nine projects recorded in the country in 2012 so far.

Indian firms grow their manufacturing presence in Africa in 2011

In 2011 record levels of Indian FDI capital was invested into the African manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing FDI looks beyond China towards rest of Asia-Pacific

China has long been the most popular destination for FDI in the  Asia-Pacific manufacturing sector. However, figures from 2011 show that  interest in the country is dwindling, as new destinations such as India,  Vietnam and Indonesia are attracting record numbers of projects in  their growing manufacturing sectors.

State Bank of Pakistan announces FDI decline in the country

Data from both the State Bank of Pakistan and fDi Markets shows that FDI into Pakistan is in decline. But there is hope, with plans in the pipeline for large investments from companies in South Korea and China. 

Mercosur is prime location for IT and software investments

Argentina. Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay are attracting an increasing  number of FDI projects, with 2011 seeing a particular spike in the number of projects in the industrial machinery, equipment and tools sector.

India set to attract record number of automotive projects in 2011

The number of automotive projects in India has been steadily increasing over the past six years, and with a large number of projects already recorded in 2011, the trend looks set to continue.

Asia-Pacific en route to overtake western Europe as Kenya’s leading investor

Traditionally, Kenya's key source of FDI has been western Europe. But in 2011, Asia-Pacific has taken over as Kenya's most generous investor, having invested over $4.5bn into the country, over double the $1.87bn invested by western Europe.

Kazakhstan leads west Asian FDI

Country is consistently in regional lead for FDI

Global greenfield investment trends

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