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View from the Middle East and Africa: tourism importance to grow and grow

As Middle Eastern and African countries look to diversify their economies, tourism is coming to the fore. But which locations are making the most of the opportunities present?

View from the Middle East and Africa: Trump must not abandon MEA for Putin deal

US president-elect Donald Trump’s approval of Russian president Vladimir Putin is creating unease in the region, says Mazdak Rafaty.

View from Middle East and Africa: no such thing as free internet access?

Facebook's 'Free Basics' programme, which is intended to provide free internet access to developing countries, may be stuttering but the need for web access in the poorest areas of Africa remains urgent.

View from Middle East and Africa: Brexit impact will reach all corners of the world

The Brexit vote may seem remote from the Middle East, but the UK's historic links to the region and globalisation mean there will be a ripple effect.

View from the Middle East and Africa: Iran joins Gulf peers as aerospace investor

Iran is reconnecting to the world via the air, joining the other Gulf countries that invest heavily in the aerospace and defence sector.

View from Middle East and Africa: who benefits from the new Silk Road?

While the West fights to contain the Middle East, the East is gradually implementing what Forbes says “could be the largest economic scheme on the face of the earth”. 

View from the Middle East and Africa: the great tourist search

Tourism is one of the sectors Middle Eastern and African governments are looking to to diversify their economies in the wake of the huge drop in oil prices. However, overcoming the region's global reputation for instability and crime is a challenge for many countries.

View from the Middle East and Africa: do millennials have the world at their feet?

Millennials are considered key to future innovation and growth, but just as important are the decisions being made by those, typically older generations, in political power. 

Can Iran's free zones lead its reintegration into global markets?

As Iran looks to a future free of sanctions, investors sizing up the country’s potential are finding that its years of isolation have left behind an obstacle-laden business environment, meaning that its seven free zones will play an essential role for early investors. But are they up to the job?

View from the Middle East & Africa: will Iran shake up the Gulf FTZ landscape?

Will Iran be able to put the ‘free’ in free-trade zones.

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