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Can Iran's free zones lead its reintegration into global markets?

As Iran looks to a future free of sanctions, investors sizing up the country’s potential are finding that its years of isolation have left behind an obstacle-laden business environment, meaning that its seven free zones will play an essential role for early investors. But are they up to the job?

View from the Middle East & Africa: will Iran shake up the Gulf FTZ landscape?

Will Iran be able to put the ‘free’ in free-trade zones.

View from Middle East & Africa: BPO will not wait for stragglers

Business process outsourcing is fundamentally changing, and Middle Eastern and African countries are falling behind.

From News

Tehran takes first steps to reintegration

Iran’s nuclear deal has put Tehran in the investment spotlight, but the government will need to address the city’s considerable structural challenges.

View from the Middle East & Africa: following Dubai's flight path

Investing in the aerospace industry has paid off handsomely for Dubai, and rising African economies could enjoy similar success if they follow such a model.

View from the Middle East & Africa: why it pays to assist SMEs

SMEs are the lifeblood of any economy, but, as demonstrated in the UAE, even the most well-meaning of policies to encourage their growth can miss the target.

View from the Middle East and Africa: Dubai lays out extended tourist welcome mat

Dubai's government has set ambitious new targets for its tourism sector. Hitting them will mean overcoming both domestic and global challenges, including the fluctuating price of real estate in the emirate and the falling price of oil, which is impacting Dubai's business environment.

From Locations

View from the Middle East & Africa: clean energy opportunities in Africa

Africa, home to vast deserts and abundant river reservoirs, continues to face electricity supply challenges. There's still room for growth in renewable energy, however.

View from the Middle East and Africa: Unleashing the potential of local innovation

Governments in Africa are catching on to the development potential of ICT solutions developed by local entrepreneurs.  

View from Middle East and Africa: can Africa feed the Middle East?

Middle Eastern countries are increasingly turning to African agriculture to solve their food shortages. However, concerns have been raised over the one-sidedness of these deals.

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