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The Panama Papers is the least of Central America’s woes

Corruption, resignations, drug wars: the Mossack Fonseca leak – known globally as 'the Panama Papers' – may have made headlines, but Central America has far more pressing problems to address if it is ever to regain investor confidence.

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Jamaica’s new leader makes tax and investment pledges

Jamaica's recent change in government promises much for the foreign investment prospects of the country, with newly elected prime minister Andrew Holness promising to turn Jamaica into “the Silicon Valley of the Caribbean”.

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Barack Obama announces visit to Cuba

US president Barack Obama's decision to become the first serving US president to visit Cuba in more than 80 years is further proof that the relationship between these two countries is changing.

Miami's bigger slice of investment

Miami's bigger slice of investment

Miami's recent history has been turbulent, both economically and socially, but this does not seem to have damaged its allure. Indeed, in recent years Chinese investors have been particularly active in the city, though its strength remains its reputation as the US's main link to the Latin American world.

Goma leads the way as DRC rebuilds its reputation

Goma leads the way as DRC rebuilds its reputation

Small steps are being taken to repair the damage that decades of civil war have wreaked on the Democratic Republic of Congo. Political complications and security issues still blight the country, but cities such as Goma are showing the way forwards when it comes to attracting the attention of investors.


A new government but the same old problems for Guyana

A new government for Guyana – the first in 23 years – promises little in the way of change, say observers, with the country's reliance on mining and agriculture unlikely to be broken.

Violence and instability keep Guatemala

Violence and instability keep Guatemala from reaching its investment potential

A volatile political climate, which has seen the arrest and resignation of the country's president this year, and overspill from the Mexican drug wars continue to prevent Guatemala from achieving the development goals it set for itself two years ago.


Dominican Republic stays mobile on growth

Despite the economic struggles of the wider Caribbean and Latin America region, the Dominican Republic is set to record strong growth for 2015, with its financial services sector – and mobile banking in particular – thriving.

Cuba comes in from the cold

In from the cold: the implications of the US's thawing on Cuba

The relaxing of travel and commercial restrictions between Cuba and the US announced in 2014 has already seen a glut of international companies visiting the island, enthused by the potential of the country. But is the 'new' Cuba all it appears to be? Michael Deibert investigates.

A decade of diversification

The Dominican Republic's decade of diversification

Over the past decade, the Dominican Republic has seen its economic fortunes transformed, with an influx of FDI in a diverse range of sectors. Still, divisive political issues, most notably the status of more than 1 million Haitians in the country, threaten to overshadow its broad investment potential. 

Global greenfield investment trends

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