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Underground movement

Lima drives infrastructure underground

Few cities needed a metro system like the Peruvian capital. Now foreign money is pouring in to further extend the network and relieve pressure on the overcrowded streets above.

An infrastructure bonanza

Peru's infrastructure bonanza

For centuries a country of isolated settlements and impassable terrain, Peru is realising the benefits of road and rail links when it comes to increasing productivity.

Alonso Segura

Peru's finance minister seeks to regain momentum

Alonso Segura, Peru's new finance minister, is facing a challenging first few months in the job, as the country's stellar economic performance of the past decade appears to be stalling. He tells fDi how a series of PPP projects and a more diversified economy means that the country's future is still bright.

Peru powers ahead

Peru powers ahead with economic diversification

Investments in Peru's energy sector are helping to diversify the country's economy beyond its traditional commodities exports, and the push for greater diversification presents opportunities for investors, says Michael Deibert.

What Haiti did next

Haiti emerges from the ruins with tourism and FDI push

The devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010 left huge parts of the country's capital, Port-au-Prince, in ruins. Now, with the rebuilding process in full flow, the government is looking to foreign companies and foreign tourists to help move this recovery up to the next level.

Colombia continues on path to rehabilitations

Colombia continues on path to rehabilitation

There are high hopes that Colombia’s free-trade agreement with the EU, on the heels of a similar deal with the US, will prove to be yet another step towards a future notable for a glut of foreign investment and the prosperity that has previously eluded the country.

The violent blot on Guatemalan investment landscape

The violent blot on Guatemala's investment landscape

If the unprecedented turnout at the Guatemala Investment Summit 2013 is anything to go by, the country's FDI prospects have never been better. But, deep-rooted political divides and high rates of violent crime still threaten to overshadow the country's potential.

CAR rebel victory throws resource deals into doubt

As the Central African Republic reels from the instability brought about by the overthrow of its government, observers are questioning South Africa’s role in the country, resource deals signed by the previous regime could be undone.

Forgetting a violent past

Amid gang truce, political battles continue in El Salvador

A violent history has long blighted El Salvador’s international reputation. However, Now that two of the country’s largest gangs have called a truce, can the country finally establish itself as an attractive destination for investment, or will political tensions lingering from civil war thwart its economic progress?

From News

Finland’s Adelia Group targets DRC’s Équateur province

With political tensions in the country easing, Finnish natural resources company Adelia Group is looking to take advantage of untapped opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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