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Investing in infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure: if you build the right financial structures, will investors come?

The need for foreign investment in infrastructure is not going away; if anything, it keeps on growing. Public-private partnerships may well be the way forward but, as Natasha Turak finds out, governments need to up their game.

Aziz Kocaoglu

Izmir's mayor looks to keep on building bridges

As Izmir's economy continues to grow, mayor Aziz Kocaoglu talks to Natasha Turak about the Turkish city's ongoing infrastructure development, why its agricultural policy has remained ahead of its peers, and how its international fair could improve relations with Russia.

Hanna Zdanowska

Łódź mayor looks to continue on path to prosperity

The mayor of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, tells Natasha Turak about the Polish city's decade-long turnaround, what its advantages are over Warsaw, and why she hopes that Poland's future remains within the EU.

Lodz SEZ

Łódź Special Economic Zone aims to innovate and diversify

The award-winning status of Łódź’s Special Economic Zone is the result of close collaboration with academia and a programme of proactive self-promotion, as Natsha Turak finds out.

EC1 tapetove

Łódź puts Expo 2022 bid at centre of ambition redevelopment

Łódź is in the process of undergoing a dramatic urban renewal, which has seen a new train station built and its city centre overhauled. However, its ambitions go even further, writes Natasha Turak, with the Polish city bidding to host Expo 2022.


How Łódź came back from the brink

The central Polish city of Łódź faced ruin when the textile industry on which it was built collapsed. Almost 30 years later, it is a thriving destination that has found a way to turn its once-crumbling industrial landscape into a cradle of academic achievement and advanced manufacturing. Natasha Turak reports.

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Defence and aerospace revenues up as global spending increases

The aerospace and defence sectors are benefiting from increased global military spending

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Zuma survives no-confidence vote amid corruption scandals

South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, has survived a no confidence vote in the country National Assembly. However, the country is still reeling from a wave of high-profile corruption and malpractice scandals.

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Survey reveals investor optimism over post-Brexit UK business

Asset Match survey demonstrates investor confidence in the UK’s business climate post-Brexit, but little faith in prime minister Theresa May

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Ongoing Qatar blockade stifles investment

Sanctions against Qatar are affecting the business viability of the whole Middle East, analysts warn

Global greenfield investment trends

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