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Vietnam bets on Industry 4.0 in tech drive

Vietnam is embracing 'Industry 4.0' in an attempt to create a role for itself as a technology hub within south-east Asia. 

myanmar picks

Myanmar seeks to get back in the FDI game

Slow reforms and accusations of human rights abuse have forced Myanmar to take steps towards luring investors back to the country. 

will laos

Laos: a small country with big FDI ambitions

Despite its landlocked status, Laos is raising its FDI game as engagement with donors and investors grows. 

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Myanmar's new government assume power

Myanmar's new government, National League for Democracy, assumed power in April and have pledged to encourage FDI into the country.

Are Cambodia and Laos primed for an FDI awakening

Are Cambodia and Laos primed for an FDI awakening?

Cambodia and Laos have much to offer in terms of natural resources and beauty, but with their opaque and poorly enforced regulatory regimes, not to mention poor reputations for corruption, will inward FDI to the countries remain the preserve of massive corporations that can afford to take the risk? 

Will WTO membership bring FDI boom for Laos

Will WTO membership bring FDI boom for Laos?

Laos’s recent World Trade Organisation membership will make it a more viable FDI option, but will the investors come?

Myanmar: open for investment

Myanmar: open for investment

The first draft of Myanmar's new and mostly liberal FDI law was passed recently and the EU and the US are set to ease the economic sanctions put in place while the country was under the previous military regime. But despite these positive steps, Myanmar's infrastructure remains weak and investors there face a number of obstacles.


The race back to Myanmar

Only the most tenacious of backers have stayed in Myanmar in recent years, but a new wave of investment could follow the country's recent forays into democracy, which have included the release of campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi and the formation of a new constitution and parliament

thailand chaos

Political chaos fails to shake Thailand's business prospects

While Thailand has been rocked politically in the past few years, industry and FDI inflows have remained stable, proving that the country is far more robust than it first appears

A difficult climb
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A difficult climb

The small and isolated country of Bhutan has set out policies to attract FDI but has so far had little success beyond the luxury tourist market, reports Nick Freeman 

Global greenfield investment trends

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