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The Investment Plan for Europe: one year on

The EU's ambitious Investment Plan for Europe launched in mid-2015 and has already notched up some notable successes. Philippa Maister assesses its progress so far.

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TPP: what now?

If US president-elect Donald Trump keeps his promise to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the remaining interested parties will have some tough choices to make.

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Professor casts doubts on benefits of FDI for developing countries

A US professor has questioned whether FDI is always a benefit to developing countries given that companies can use sophisticated techniques to remove their profits or avoid tax. Philippa Maister reports.

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Ireland refuses to crumble over Apple

Ireland is appealing the EC’s ruling that it should recover €13bn in tax from Apple. 

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Has the US's EB-5 visa programme served its purpose?

The EB-5 visa programme has proven successful at drawing investors into the US but has many critics, who claim that it risks fraud and the benefits are unequal. A reform is in the offing, but, as Philippa Maister discovers, there is little consensus on what form it should take.

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UK’s post-Brexit tax plans in question

Legal experts are weighing up the possible consequences for the UK if promised corporate tax proposals are carried out.

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Ireland looks to lure FDI from a post-Brexit UK

IDA, Ireland's investment promotion agency, is looking to coax companies wanting to maintain an EU base from a post-Brexit UK.

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Panama Papers revelations leave tax havens shaken – but not stirred

The Panama Papers revelations have seen companies rush to boost their ‘know your client’ credentials in the light of increased reputational and regulatory risk. But can tax havens ride out the storm? Philippa Maister investigates.

The great global corporate tax clampdown
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The great global corporate tax clampdown

As public discontent over multinationals' tax avoidance grows, global organisations and governments are clamping down on the loopholes that allow large corporations to pay disproportionate amounts of tax on their earnings. Tactics range from Australia's name-and-shame policy to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's 15-point action plan. 

China closes the innovation gap

China closes the innovation gap

There has been a significant shift in R&D spending in recent years, with China accounting for an increasing proportion of this investment. But global perceptions are yet to reflect this new shift in spending, with many outside of the country sceptical regarding China's R&D credentials and concerned about its poor reputation for IP protection.

Global greenfield investment trends

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