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Romania calls time on corruption

Romania’s new president, Klaus Iohannis, is leading a huge crackdown on corruption. While this move has been welcomed by investors and politicians, there are still numerous hurdles for the country to clear, including implementing proposals for fiscal reforms designed to boost growth and benefit business. Polly Botsford reports.

Romania manufacturing

Romania's manufacturing sector looks towards greater transparency for investors

Manufacturing is the single largest business activity to attract FDI into Romania and has seen significant modernisation not only of legacy equipment and processes but also of attitudes. Investors believe, however, the country needs greater overall predictability and transparency. 

A new start for a new Romania

A new start for a new Romania?

Romania’s presidential election in November delivered a surprise victory for Klaus Iohannis, an outsider on an anti-corruption ticket. But as the country's economy shows signs of growth, concerns remain about its outdated infrastructure and uneven legislation

The dawning of the age of the mega free-trade agreement

The dawning of the age of the mega free-trade agreement

Regional bilateral free-trade agreements have emerged as a mechanism for boosting crossborder trade and investment in recent years, but none has been as ambitious as the two mega-regional deals currently being negotiated.

Working within the law
From Companies

Working within the law

The prosecutorial ‘war on corruption’ continues both in the US and elsewhere – and both companies and individuals are being held to account. 

Is Romania back in the game

Is Romania back in the game?

Popular before the crisis, Romania has seen a dearth of inward investment since 2008. The downturn has been blamed on political turbulence and a lack of credit, problems still evident, but a flurry of deals at the start of the year suggests that investors are once again looking to take advantage of the country's attractive talent pool and technological expertise.

Losing support

The winners and losers of the EU's state aid recategorisation

The EU has issued new rules on how much state aid can be granted to investors in EU member countries. What impact will this have on FDI?

Australia takes new direction as mining industry slows

Australia takes new direction as mining industry slows

While the boom times in Australia’s mining industry may have abated, foreign investors are still finding favour in different sectors, not least because of the country’s close ties with other markets in the Asia-Pacific. 

Can Indonesia be a money magnet once more

Can Indonesia be a money magnet once more?

Indonesia’s investment boom has continued amid declining investor confidence and slipping GDP growth. But as the presidential election looms, what are the country’s prospects?

Italy cashes in on its designer appeal

Italy cashes in on its designer appeal

For all its economic woes, Italy still has one valuable commodity: its reputation as a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-end, high-quality fashion, furniture and accessories. Foreign investors have long had an appetite for the country's illustrious brands, but only now are these companies starting to see the advantages of foreign capital.

Global greenfield investment trends

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