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Stop HS2

Will UK's Northern Powerhouse project avoid Brexit derailment?

'The Northern Powerhouse' was one of former UK prime minister David Cameron's flagship projects, but changes in the government following the vote to leave the EU led to worries it would be quietly ditched. Roz Hanna looks at what the future holds for the initiative.

The UK’s Northern Gateway swings open

A team effort in an overlooked area of the UK – principally the counties of Cheshire and Staffordshire – is set to maximise the investment benefits offered by the HS2 high-speed rail link, as Roz Hanna discovers.

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London retail rising in the west

Figures from MasterCard and a new report highlight the attractiveness of retail options in London’s West End, particularly for overseas visitors.

Seigo Tanaka

Vice-mayor enjoys Osaka's moment in the sun

The vice-mayor of Osaka, Seigo Tanaka, tells Roz Hanna how the Japanese city is enjoying a regeneration that is pulling in investors much in the way that its dramatic sunsets draw in tourists.

Crossrail project leaves London on track for FDI boost

Crossrail project leaves London on track for FDI boost

London’s Crossrail project looks set to transform the landscape – both physically and economically – of both the city’s centre and its outer districts. And though it is already a major player in a global scale, the development looks set to move the UK capital onto another level where investment is concerned.

King's Cross ticks the right boxes for the App Business

King's Cross ticks the right boxes for the App Business

When the App Business needed space to expand, the mobile transformation company decided to move its headquarters to King's Cross in London, attracted by the abundance of available space, a friendly neighbourhood vibe and excellent transport links. 

which airport will win the UK airport extension

Coming into land: which airport will win the UK airport extension?

With the imminent release of the Airport Commission's final report on where additional airport capacity should be developed in the UK, Roz Hanna reports on the two contenders for runway extensions – Heathrow and Gatwick – and explores other ways in which the country could boost its connectedness. 

What now for English LEPs

After the referendum: what now for English LEPs?

Following the rejection of independence in the Scottish referendum in September 2014, the promises made to Scotland regarding further devolution have led English regions to demand the same. Roz Hanna speaks to investment agencies and LEPs in some key UK regions to see if the prospect of further devolved powers can help in their bid to attract FDI.

Global greenfield investment trends

Crossborder investment monitor

fDi Markets is the only online database tracking crossborder greenfield investment covering all sectors and countries worldwide. It provides real-time monitoring of investment projects, capital investment and job creation with powerful tools to track and profile companies investing overseas.

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Corporate location benchmarking tool

fDi Benchmark is the only online tool to benchmark the competitiveness of countries and cities in over 50 sectors. Its comprehensive location data series covers the main cost and quality competitiveness indicators for over 300 locations around the world.

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Research report

fDi Intelligence provides customised reports and data research which deliver vital business intelligence to corporations, investment promotion agencies, economic development organisations, consulting firms and research institutions.

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