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Business and financial services top FDI sectors in 2010

Business and financial services received the most investment in 2010, with the software and IT services sector close behind

thai bank gov

Interview: Bank of Thailand governor Prasarn Trairatvorakul

Thailand’s central bank governor has had an eventful start in the role, raising basis points and watching the baht appreciate. He talks to Simon Montlake about how this will affect his plans

Singapore stays top city for attracting FDI

Singapore has retained the top spot as the most popular urban destination for FDI projects in 2010

Breaking free: Somaliland strives for recognition

The president of Somaliland visited London recently to promote FDI into the unrecognised republic. Spencer Anderson spoke exclusively with the new leader about his dreams of achieving UN recognition, and his five-year plan for economic growth 

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Q&A: Kamal Nath, Indian minister for road transport and highways

India's minister for road transport and highways discusses the country's ambitious road-building programme

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Driving development: India addresses infrastructure shortfall

The demands of India's economic and population growth are putting an increasing strain on the country's infrastructure, particularly its road network. To combat this problem, the government is implementing an ambitious road construction programme that offers potentially lucrative opportunities for foreign investors

Cyprus seeks to cash in on Ucits IV fund management opportunity

New legislation is opening the European fund-management industry to more competition. Officials in Cyprus are encouraging managers to domicile their funds on the island in a bid to boost its financial sector

egypt riot

What does unrest mean for FDI in Egypt?

Violent protests in Egypt have raised doubts about the future for FDI in  the country. However, some analysts say the chaos does not alter  Egypt's fundamental attractions and that investors should be patient  instead of writing off the country's prospects

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Seven countries defy construction downturn

FDI in the construction sector has collapsed in most countries since 2008, but a handful of countries have managed to record increases in this area

US companies spark global hiring spree

US companies hired more than 2 million new staff in 2010, but most of these have been outside the country

Global greenfield investment trends

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