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riding an investment

El Salvador seeks to ride an investment wave

Not satisfied with a tourism industry largely built around surfing, El Salvador is hoping its hard-won political stability and skilled workforce can help the country become a future investment magnet. Michael Deibert reports.

el salvador urges

El Salvador urges investors to think again

As president Salvador Sánchez Cerén tackles El Salvador's twin threats of crime and financial distress, the government is rebranding the country in an effort to improve investor perceptions. Jacopo Dettoni looks at how this policy is faring.

a different fight

San Salvador mayor looks to fight violence with opportunities

Nayib Bukele, the mayor of San Salvador, talks to Jacopo Dettoni about how he is fighting the city's criminal gangs and high violence levels by providing opportunities for its youngsters.

Central America enjoys stable FDI inflows in 2014

Figures from 2014 show that FDI flows into central America remained consistent with 2013 levels. 

Embassies make promotional play

Embassies turn their hand to investment promotion

As the capacity for embassies and diplomats to target and attract investment grows, countries are becoming increasingly eager to restructure their operations in a bid to best utilise these new promotional agents.

Forgetting a violent past

Amid gang truce, political battles continue in El Salvador

A violent history has long blighted El Salvador’s international reputation. However, Now that two of the country’s largest gangs have called a truce, can the country finally establish itself as an attractive destination for investment, or will political tensions lingering from civil war thwart its economic progress?

The US gateway to Central and South America

The US gateway to Central and South America

As US companies eye opportunities in the growing economies of Central and South America, businesses in Europe and Asia are increasingly using their operations in US cities as an entry point to Latin American markets.

In Dispute

Is Pacific Rim Mining justified in pursuing arbitration with El Salvador because of the country's 'passive' refusal to issue mining permits?

Global greenfield investment trends

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