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Brexit causing pessimism in UK financial services, says report

Optimism in the UK’s financial services sector ‘has declined by 30% in Q3 2018’.


Amsterdam is a housing hotspot, says deputy mayor

Amsterdam’s deputy mayor, Laurens Ivens, tells Sebastian Shehadi about the city’s real estate opportunities.

Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychala

Quality of life Gdynia's key attraction, claims deputy mayor

Gdynia's deputy mayor, Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychala, explains how the Polish city's outstanding quality of life is attracting talent and investment.

FDI in West Midlands consistent despite Brexit uncertainty

Infrastructure and a talented workforce have established the West Midlands as a resilient FDI destination.


Berlin planner on finding room for everyone

Berlin urban planner Manfred Kühne talks about real estate challenges and opportunities.

a scientific

Heidelberg mayor lauds the science behind the city's success

The German city of Heidelberg has thrived in recent years due to its knowledge economy. Its mayor explains the role FDI plays in this development.

games without

Gaming industry moves up to next level

A truly global industry, games development is bringing benefits to digital clusters willing to foster it with incentives and tax breaks. Jason Mitchell reports.

valmieras personal

Valmiera mayor highlights micro-city's personal touch

The mayor of Valmiera in Latvia tells Sebastian Shehadi how his small city is making investors feel at home.

Martin Kaspar

View from Europe: What Europe could learn from China’s Belt and Road

Europe may look askance at China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative but it has few ideas of its own.

the end of

Is the era of the sweat shop coming to an end?

With links to exploitative labour conditions now hugely damaging to a fashion house's reputation, how is the industry reacting?

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