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Belarus economy minister looks to privatisation drive

Dmitry Krutoy, the economy minister of Belarus, tells fDi how a privatisation plan will transform the country and make it more attractive to investors.

Great Stone

China chows Belarus intentions with Great Stone investment

Belarus is forging relations with China to reduce its reliance on Russia, and a key project under construction is an industrial park near Minsk that has the approval of both heads of state. Courtney Fingar reports.

Belarus makes bid to attract medical tourists

As medical procedures in developed countries gradually become too expensive or accumulate extensive waiting lists, Belarus is hoping to benefit from the subsequent boom in health tourism by offering comparatively low-cost services. Courtney Fingar reports.

right idea

Right idea, wrong place? The hurdles facing tech entrepreneurs in pariah states

Operating a tech start-up in a country hit by sanctions or a negative international image is not easy. Attracting investment is harder still. Michal Kaczmarski speaks to those on both sides of the divide.

Minsk, Belarus

Belarus looks towards life after sanctions

As tensions ease in its relationships with the EU and the US, Belarus is confident that it can leave recession behind now that sanctions against the country are being relaxed. Courtney Fingar reports

Vladimir Semashko

Belarus deputy PM eyes FDI and privatisation push

The recent lifting of sanctions coupled with a keen desire to diversify its trade into global markets means Belarus is making a renewed effort to court outside investment. Its deputy prime minister, Vladimir Semashko, describes to Natasha Turak how the country intends to achieve these goals.

Eurotorg checks out new markets

Eurotorg checks out new markets

Eurotorg has expanded rapidly in the past few years, growing from a small, local grocery chain into an international operation, with stores in three countries as well as an online service. Its challenge now is to maintain this momentum over the long term.

Russian SEZs mixed success

Mixed success: why SEZs in Russia and CIS are not fulfilling their potential

Special economic zones are being developed across Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent states. Their success will rest on their ability to overcome bureaucracy and customs issues. Jason Mitchell reports on the effects across the region.


Belarus's tricky task: how the country is coping with external difficulties

With its two closest neighbours on the brink of war and its largest economic partner suffering a downturn, Belarus has found itself in a delicate situation over the past 14 months. Government officials in Minsk tell Courtney Fingar how the country intends to navigate its difficult new path.

Minsk leader looking to challenge perceptions

The Belarusian capital of Minsk has struggled to shed its dour image, particularly when compared with eastern European tourism hotspots such as Prague and Budapest. However, the city's leader, Andrei Victorovich Shorets, is encouraging both tourists and investors to discover what is one of Europe's final frontiers for themselves.

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