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India panel to suggest liberal caps for FDI

Moves are afoot to relax the 24% cap for foreign investors, to improve FDI inflows. N Chandra Mohan reports.

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Unctad warns on increasing trade restrictions

The UN Conference on Trade and Development has found an alarming increase in countries introducing investment restrictions or rules.

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Trade disputes fuel gloom among global executives: McKinsey

A survey by McKinsey finds widespread pessimism on global economic growth, though emerging countries are more confident about their national prospects than their developed peers.

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Strong European numbers fail to stop global M&A drop

Early 2019 figures show global M&A underperforming for a sixth consecutive quarter.

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IFCs key to development finance, says ODI

Offshore financial centres are playing a critical role in development finance, according to the Overseas Development Institute.

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Savills: New York is new top tech city

New York supercedes San Francisco and five cities in mainland China join the top ranks. Alex Irwin-Hunt reports.

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UK ‘less attractive to FDI’, says Brexit report

Greenfield FDI projects undertaken in Northern Ireland are forecast to fall 3% per year, says a new report. Alex Irwin-Hunt reports.

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Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev ends 30-year presidency

The long-standing head of Kazakhstan resigned on March 19, officially opening a succession race for the leadership of the the oil-rich economy. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

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US-China trade war hurts at home

A study claims that the US-China trade war has negatively affected consumers and importers through added tax costs and losses in welfare. Alex Irwin-Hunt reports.

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India eases ‘angel tax’ rules in boost to start-ups

The government of prime minister Narendra Modi gave in to calls to decrease fiscal pressure on capital raises by new businesses. 

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