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Renewable energy sees boost to FDI expenditure in 2011

Figures show that renewable energy was the fastest growing sector for FDI in 2011, while the number of projects in the coal, oil and natural gas sector declined.

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Arab Spring tempers Middle East and Africa FDI growth

While FDI numbers increased in the Middle East and Africa in 2011, capital investment was down slightly and job creation only showed a slight rise.

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Growth in Asia-Pacific FDI hampered by disaster-stricken 2011

Countries including India, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Korea experienced significant growth in FDI in 2011, but both Japan and Thailand suffered on the back of natural disasters.

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Singapore looks to woo investors with new tax incentives

Singapore's finance minister has announced a number of new initiatives and tax incentives in a bid to attract investment to the city-state.

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Finland’s Adelia Group targets DRC’s Équateur province

With political tensions in the country easing, Finnish natural resources company Adelia Group is looking to take advantage of untapped opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Global governance lags behind globalisation: Unctad

A recently released report by the UN Conference on Trade and  Development suggests that developing countries must approach governance  and regulation with the same urgency as developed countries in order to ensure the sustainable growth of their economies.

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India-based MindTree bucks trend to invest in US software development operation

Indian IT consultancy MindTree has announced that it is to open its first US-based development centre to meet the needs of its large customer base in the country.

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Renationalisation threatens to shake investor confidence in Argentina

Argentinian president Cristina Fernández's decision to renationalise the country's largest oil company is the latest in a series of populist moves that could seriously dent the country's reputation and its ability to attract FDI.

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London mayor to promote investment through fDi Magazine award

London is using its first place ranking in fDiMagazine's European Cities & Regions of the Future 2012/13 as a way of attracting even more foreign investment, according to the city's mayor Boris Johnson.

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FDI outflows for 2011 up by 16%: Unctad

UN Conference on Trade and Development states global FDI outflow figures now higher than pre-crisis levels.

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