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India's roads and highways sector

India's roads and highways sector

Originally published with the February/March issue of fDi Magazine

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Driving development: India addresses infrastructure shortfall

The demands of India's economic and population growth are putting an increasing strain on the country's infrastructure, particularly its road network. To combat this problem, the government is implementing an ambitious road construction programme that offers potentially lucrative opportunities for foreign investors

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Money matters: the financing of India's infrastructure boom

Rekha Menon looks at just who is investing in India's highways

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Q&A: Kamal Nath, Indian minister for road transport and highways

India's minister for road transport and highways discusses the country's ambitious road-building programme

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India primed for construction boom

India is on course to become the world's third largest construction market, but only if it can tackle the various obstacles that international investors face

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Here to stay: can India keep hold of international investors?

Foreign investors coming to India to develop its crumbling road network must be given incentives to stay

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