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Global FDI flows forecast slashed further

Updated UN projections expect coronavirus to cause 30% to 40% decline in FDI flows.

Gambling liberalisation pushes up FDI in leisure sector

FDI in the leisure and entertainment sector has risen sharply in recent years, with Asia-Pacific the...

End of the road for Vodafone India?

A government bailout for the ailing subsidiary of the telecoms powerhouse has fallen through. 

fDi Index: investors carried weak sentiment into January as coronavirus threat emerged

Announced greenfield projects into China plummeted in early 2020 with the US and Europe taking the lion...

Coronavirus triggers cut in global FDI estimates

Unctad forecasts the virus will cut global FDI by between 5% and 15%.


US tops global soft power ranking

The US has the world’s strongest soft power, while China and Russia are rising in influence, according...

France ups investment screening

Investors in France will face greater scrutiny under extended legislation.

Free Zone Focus: why Mercosur need not miss out

The reform of Resolution 8 will increase the participation of Mercosur countries to global value chains...

Zimbabwe creates IPA

A law has been passed to stimulate investment in Zimbabwe.

Brexit gifts Europe $1.6bn FDI boost

Investors announced as many as 65 relocations from the UK into the EU in the wake of the June 2016 referendum...