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Following the UK's referendum vote to depart the European Union, gain insight how the divorce proceedings will have an impact on international and European trade, investment promotion and FDI.

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hessens brexit

Financial services head for Hessen as Brexit looms

Germany’s Hessen region, home to the financial centre of Frankfurt, is seeing increased interest from firms as Brexit draws ever closer.


What will make or break the UK’s post-Brexit future?

A panel of experts debates the UK’s post-Brexit future as an investment destination and magnet for companies and talent. 


UK feels Brexit pressure after EU-Japan trade deal

The EU-Japan trade deal has only served to add pressure to the UK in its struggles to agree on a Brexit strategy. 

UK FDI data

FDI into the UK (2015-2017)

The announcement of the referendum in early 2016 triggered a year of doubt, with fDi Markets data showing FDI projects into the UK declined 8.5% to 1042 in 2016. Capital investment declined 38.1% alongside a 16.6% decline in jobs created. The trend has continued in 2017, with the number of FDI projects falling 9.9% to 939, while capital investment declined 4.5% to $33.2bn and job creation also fell 10.9% to 60,585. Read the full story in The fDi Report 2018

Global commentary

Inside fDi: An FDI Brexodus edges towards reality

Brexit is rarely far from the headlines in the UK. Less heard are the voices of foreign investors, and their views on the subject make uncomfortable reading for Brits.

View from Europe: How to beat the Brexit blues

Continental rivals will swoop if the UK cannot create a convincing post-Brexit culture for investment. 

View from Middle East and Africa: Brexit impact will reach all corners of the world

The Brexit vote may seem remote from the Middle East, but the UK's historic links to the region and globalisation mean there will be a ripple effect.

Brexit Blues: FDI inflows to the UK fall to lowest level since 1994

WAVTEQ, a global FDI consulting firm, have published their Brexit Blues findings. The infographic (above) shows that FDI into the UK has collapsed to its lowest level since 1994, while Germany has taken over the UK for first time to be the world’s 2nd leading location for greenfield FDI projects in 2017.
On a positive note, there has been growth in domestic projects in the United Kingdom, suggesting that UK investment promotion agencies may want to focus more on domestic investments.
Download the infographic

Latest Brexit coverage

From News

Foreign investment to France hits record high

France’s inbound FDI has reached its highest since the 2008 financial crisis.

From Locations

Manchester’s council leader on the quest for investment

Manchester, in north-west England, is keen to market itself as an international destination for FDI despite Brexit.

From Locations

Nottingham council leader braces for Brexit

Nottingham is keen to exploit its tech expertise by forging links with Asia and the Far East.

From News

Companies ‘have cut investment into UK due to Brexit’, finds Baker McKenzie

Ongoing uncertainty about the future of UK-EU relations is already having a significant impact on EU27 businesses, while the UK is seeing reduced trade and investment and fewer skills crossing the Channel, according to Baker McKenzie’s recent survey. Sebastian Shehadi reports.

From News

Political uncertainty considered top concern among European investors, says EY survey

Despite geopolitical tensions, foreign investors remain confident in European investments, reports Timothy Conley.

Bath Royal Crescent

Mayor touts west England's credentials in aerospace and innovation

Tim Bowles, mayor of the west of England, tells Sebastian Shehadi about the region’s strong economic story, evidenced by the high number of people and businesses moving there.

klaipedas fast

Klaipeda FEZ gets in fast to claim Brexit bonus

Lithuania’s Klaipeda free economic zone is keen to attract UK firms considering relocation into the eurozone, and has some timely solutions prepared, as chief executive Eimantas Kiudulas tells Wendy Atkins.

From News

CEOs optimistic about economic growth in PwC survey

PwC finds chief executives are far more upbeat about the world's prospects for growth in 2018 than they were in 2017, as Timothy Conley reports.

Luxembourg FDI soars in 2017

Luxembourg experienced a record year for FDI in 2017. Is this the beginning of the Brexit effect?

Featured Brexit coverage

Tony Watts

Top tips for EEA financial services firms in the UK post-Brexit

A legal expert breaks down the post-Brexit options for European Economic Area financial services firms passporting into the UK.

Robert Bean

Lessons learned: collaboration is the key for overseas expansion post-Brexit

With so many UK businesses unsure of how they can take advantage of the new working arrangements that Brexit and increased interest in overseas investment can offer, accountancy firm Reanda UK offers advice through the prism of its own experiences expanding overseas.


Viewpoint: A five-point M&A plan for UK companies during Brexit

Although Brexit has raised short-term concerns over FDI flows, the UK economy’s compelling pro-business characteristics should see flows continue at a robust rate. The recent dip in overseas buying of UK companies is also likely to be short-term, though businesses seeking overseas buyers should present the best case to attract foreign corporate suitors, says Lord Leigh of Hurley.

Target markets

Ten emerging post-Brexit trade prospects for the UK

Insurance company Beazley has identified the most promising emerging markets that UK exporters should target following the country's vote to leave the EU, as Neil Beattie and Emma Whiteacre report.

Europe outside eurozone

Think Tank: FDI in Europe outside the eurozone

The EU normally brings to mind the established eurozone countries, but now the new EU member states are raising their profiles. UK academic and author John McManus looks at the benefits of investing in the EU-13, and reports on the challenges they still face.

why the eu

The EU will still loom large over UK trade deals

Leading advocates of Brexit foresee a ‘global UK’, unshackled by EU institutions and legislation, and free to trade and invest on new terms with the more exciting markets of the world. Yet there is mounting evidence to suggest that the UK’s trade and investment prospects will nevertheless remain heavily influenced by the EU, writes Dan Nicholls. 



ECRF logo 2018-19

fDi’s European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/19 – Winners

The UK's vote to leave the EU has left Europe in a state of flux. However, thus far this does not seem to have dented London's allure as an FDI destination, as fDi’s European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/19 ranking shows. Cathy Mullan reports.

brexit the UK

Brexit, the UK and FDI: one year on

FDI into the UK has dropped in the year since the Brexit referendum. Jacopo Dettoni assesses how foreign and outward-looking domestic businesses are coping with the uncertainty that the vote has created.

fDi Podcast: EU-Japan trade deal to create world's largest open economic area

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fDi Podcast: The Brexit toll on FDI - the evidence so far