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Trentino pioneers sustainable approach to cinema investment

The north Italian region of Trentino has pioneered a sustainability protocol for movie productions that is now being assessed at EU level.


Brand value booms in emerging economies

The 2019 Brand Finance report has good news for Turkey and China.

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Italy goes global while the world goes to Italy

Italian companies are modernising their family-owned models, while foreign firms are moving into Italy. Will it work out for the stagnating domestic economy? 

egp takes

Italy's EGP takes long view on alternative energy

Enel Green Power has capitalised on Italy’s long-held expertise in the field to become a leader in renewable energy.

massimo zanetti

Massimo Zanetti seeks Asian blend in coffee market

Italian coffee company Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group has big plans to expand in Asia-Pacific, as chief operating officer Pascal Heritier explains to fDi. 

Has an aviation proxy war broken out in Italy?

Qatar Airways has announced its strategy for Italy’s second-largest airline, now called Air Italy, in a move that underscores the ongoing blockade on Qatar and piles on the agony for UAE-backed Alitalia.

Italian FDI visa boosts incentives for 2018

The new investor visa should help Italy maintain its top 10 status as a European FDI destination.

on the ground thinking

Florence mayor uses local knowledge to keep electorate's faith

Politics may be in turmoil throughout much of the Western world, but in Italy voters still have faith in their directly elected city officials as they have the power to effect change on a local level, according to the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella. He talks to Courtney Fingar about his new urban plan.

Has e-commerce finally clicked in Italy?

E-commerce is finally taking off in Italy, with foreign players taking the lead. Emanuele Schibotto looks at what is behind this exciting yet largely unnoticed turn of events.

Heidelberg Cement

Will banking crisis derail Italy's M&A renaissance?

Italy is experiencing renewed interest among financial investors, which is materialising in intense M&A and private equity activity. But an unfolding banking crisis and the uncertain outcome of a key constitutional referendum are casting new shadow over its horizon, as Jacopo Dettoni reports.

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