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Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific dominate FDI into Africa in 2011

Western European companies have historically been the most prolific investors in Africa. But although western Europe-based companies account for the largest number of projects in 2011, their Asia-Pacific-based counterparts have invested more capital and created more jobs in Africa.

Bucharest top financial services destination for eurozone investors

Eurozone investors in the financial services sector have favoured  investment in the Romanian capital Bucharest over the past eight years,  but Asian cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai are increasing their  appeal.

Software and IT sector enjoys global success in 2011

There has been a global surge in the number of FDI projects in the  software and IT sector. Investment in the UK has seen a particular  upturn, with the number of projects increasing by nearly two-thirds from  2010's total, and London recording more than 100 projects in the year  so far.

China closes gap on the US for German FDI

China has seen increased investment from Germany-based companies, and  now stands second to only the US when it comes to FDI from the European  country.

Latin America and the Caribbean show preference for Florida

Florida is the leading US state for FDI projects from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Toyota leads the way as auto-makers increase the number of FDI projects in 2011

The automotive sector has seen an increased number of investments in  2011 compared to 2010, with Toyota, Volkwagen and Ford leading the way with the most investments.

United Arab Emirates most popular destination in Middle East for US FDI

The United Arab Emirates is leaving other Middle Eastern countries behind as it attracts a significant number of all US FDI projects in the region.

Asia-Pacific leads FDI into Kenya

There has been increased investment into Kenya from Asia-Pacific,  Africa, North American and Western Europe in 2011, however, Middle  Eastern companies have decreased their spending in the country.

Argentina, Brazil and Mexico increase their appeal to automobile industry

Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are all enjoying increasing levels of FDI, especially in the automotive industry.

Russia sees its manufacturing FDI appeal slip

Russia has historically been the most popular destination for manufacturing  FDI from rest of Europe countries, however, 2011 has seen a significant  decline in the number of projects in the country.

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