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Brexit gifts Europe $1.6bn FDI boost

Investors announced as many as 65 relocations from the UK into the EU in the wake of the June 2016 referendum.

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FDI boom in Costa Rica zones

Costa Rica’s free zone programme remains a bright note in an otherwise challenging macroeconomic environment. 

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Singapore beats Hong Kong for first time in 2019 FDI ranking

Social unrest has taken its toll on the investment appeal of Hong Kong.

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China lures top innovators despite IP concerns

China's economic promise overshadows concerns over intellectual property rights.

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Editorial view: Will crops of the future grow in SEZs?

The right incentives can spark the vertical farming revolution, making food supply chains more secure and sustainable. 

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US-Iran feud casts new investment shadow over Middle East

FDI levels have already fallen throughout Iran's main sphere of influence in the region.

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Zonamerica looks beyond Latin America for expansion opportunities

Uruguay-based Zonamerica has successfully expanded into Colombia and China, and is now looking to export its model to other parts of Asia and Africa.

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Afghanistan seeks pioneers to reap rewards of its risks

Afghanistan’s authorities are working hard to persuade investors the rewards are worth the risk by introducing economic and legal reforms.

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EBRD president looks to African expansion

The EU is considering a broader mandate for the EBRD, and its president tells fDi its model would work in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Will 'prosperity zones' bring wider benefits to Honduras?

Honduras is experimenting with self-governed ‘prosperity zones’ by permitting the development of its first semi-private city. 

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