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The Global Lawyer: Yukos v Russia mega-litigation revived

A dispute involving the world’s largest arbitration award is back from the dead.

View from Middle East and Africa: UAE moves fast to combat Covid-19

The UAE moved fast to tackle the health aspects of Covid-19, and is now looking at new economic...

View from the Americas: new perspectives in a time of pandemic

The coronavirus crisis could permanently change human behaviour in the future

Free zones will be key to post-virus world

Covid-19 crisis has laid bare the weaknesses of global value chains around the globe

View from Asia: imagining the worst

Asia faces a bleak future if the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t end soon


Inside fDi: thank the old before building the new

Covid-19 is hitting the elderly, who gave us a prosperous world we now need to rebuild.

Inside fDi: so long, and thanks for all the Air Miles

After 90 issues, 80-something countries, 15 years, countless flights and an impressive number of karaoke...

Inside fDi: how soft factors can influence FDI's hard sell

Countries that can display positive 'soft factors' – such as social peace and tolerance – will stand...

Inside fDi: When second place is first class

Capital cities have tended to grab all the attention and attract the lion's share of investment but ...

Inside fDi: How manufacturing became smart and sexy

Manufacturing was the unloved cousin of the investment world but Industry 4.0 and the smart factory ...