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Identify business opportunities

Generate leads for business development using our real-time crossborder investment tracker.

fDi Markets gives you visibility on which markets your clients and competitors are moving into, as well as our Investor Signals, which are exclusive tipoffs on companies poised to make an international expansion.
Screenshot of fDi Market’s ‘Investor Signals’ data

Screenshot of fDi Market’s ‘Investor Signals’ data


Benchmark potential locations

Carry out detailed, data-driven benchmarking studies on your shortlisted potential investment locations.

Save time and money by comparing and contrasting the attributes of countries, regions and cities worldwide to create bespoke studies to suit your needs.
Screenshot of fDi Benchmark’s Rankings data

Screenshot of fDi Benchmark’s Rankings data

Custom research reports

We can provide a thorough assessment of your location's FDI attraction process; a comparative study of sites where your company could potentially invest; or an in-depth analysis of an investment sector your consultancy is involved with.

Find out how our comprehensive economic studies of FDI topics will benefit your location.

Commission a survey

By tapping into our extensive bank of contacts and leveraging our global research team, fDi Intelligence can reach your key stakeholders and carry out a fully customised survey on the topic of your choice.

From querying FDI decision-makers so as to understand their perception of a location, to an assessment of a potential investment for a company, we can cater to the specific requirements of your projects.

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