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FDI stages timid recovery in May amid digitalisation drive

Investment in telecoms and renewables holds up in face of wider market uncertainty

Green energy avoids Covid-19 investment slump

Robust investment in sector contrasts with FDI collapse in other areas of economy

Renewables power Poland FDI surge amid pandemic

Ghana, Norway, Slovakia and Sri Lanka also bucked global FDI slowdown

Uber’s HQ plan boosts Hong Kong in tussle with Singapore

Plan to move HQ from city-state depends on government first recognising services

US cities challenge China’s dominance in chip production

TSMC’s $12bn investment in Phoenix propels Arizona city into top 10 locations


UK tech buoyed by robust FDI since Brexit vote

Software and IT investment has risen since referendum, but may fall this year

Mexico the top destination for reshoring operations

Vietnam also benefiting from upheavals in global supply chains led by trade tensions

Covid-19 accelerates energy investment shift to renewables

Green energy FDI had strongest quarter in decade, while oil and gas spend tumbled

African financial services FDI surged 182% last year

Foreign financial services firms made hefty investments across region in 2019

India becomes main destination of China tech FDI

Asian superpowers are strengthening ties, but new FDI screening rules could limit trend