Our GIS Planning clients

fDi Intelligence provides the world's most comprehensive offering of services related to foreign direct investment, with a selection of industry-leading online data tools to suit your organisation's needs. Our GIS Planning service offers customisable online GIS tools for your website to help promote your region, attract investment and nurture existing businesses for retention and expansion.

Visualise data with our easy-to-use mapping tool


Map Düsseldorf

Visualise data with our easy-to-use mapping tool. Demographic variables and GIS data related to growing or expanding in Düsseldorf.



Make your website engaging and interactive

The mobile-friendly online tool invites users to research and analyse interactive information on communities, business, workforce and available properties. Offering this data makes it easier for them to choose to invest in your area.

Community Infographics

The Community Profile Infographic makes your data come alive with attractive graphics, so it's easier for website visitors to absorb and understand. And unlike static infographics, you can trust this one is regularly kept up to date.


Offer dynamic searches on demographics, consumer expenditures, and labour force data directly within the search tool. Results can be displayed and exported as clear, attractive charts and graphs.

Smart Mapping

User-friendly mapping of geographic information for education, local GIS layers, transportation, and infrastructure.

Business Data

Use the business mapping tool to get a clear picture of a region’s business environment. Identify industry clusters and locate customers, competitors, and suppliers.

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