Fdi's virus diaries

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fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘We see light at end of the tunnel’

Multilateral cooperation could support global recovery, says Malta Enterprise CEO

fDi’s Virus Diaries: 'Competition for investment will be intense'

IPAs must focus on value proposition in tough market, says InvestKL’s CEO

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘We need a quick economic recovery’

Digital tools can’t replace face-to-face interaction, admits Invest NI’s CEO

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘People have come under extreme pressure’

Despite crisis, long-term goals unchanged, says Invest Cyprus’ George Campanellas

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘Sources of growth will not be the same’

Rwanda can benefit from shift to diversified supply chains, says Clare Akamanzi


fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘We will need to adjust to a new normal’

New realities require different strategies, says Choose Paris Region’s Lionel Grotto

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘Crisis is not a threat, but an opportunity’

Period provides space to rethink priorities, says CzechInvest’s Patrik Reichl

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘Location is more important now than ever’

Enterprise Georgia’s Mikheil Khidureli sees opportunity as firms diversify supply chains

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘It’s created a windfall opportunity in ICT’

InvestMongolia’s Undrakh Bold outlines her priorities in the face of the crisis

fDi's Virus Diaries: ‘Normal life has come to a complete halt’

Crisis has hit Lebanon at a turbulent time, admits Idal chairman Mazen Soueid