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fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘We see light at end of the tunnel’

Multilateral cooperation could support global recovery, says Malta Enterprise CEO

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘People have come under extreme pressure’

Despite crisis, long-term goals unchanged, says Invest Cyprus’ George Campanellas

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘Sources of growth will not be the same’

Rwanda can benefit from shift to diversified supply chains, says Clare Akamanzi

Domestic tourism offers hope to travel sector

Tough new protocols needed to support battered industry, says top tourism body

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘Location is more important now than ever’

Enterprise Georgia’s Mikheil Khidureli sees opportunity as firms diversify supply chains


fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘Start to prepare for when the crisis is over’

CEO of Hungary’s IPA stresses importance of involving clients in crisis management

fDi’s Virus Diaries: ‘We’re using this time to think outside the box’

Jampro’s president argues IPAs should be flexible and embrace new approaches

Covid-19 threatens new crisis for Spain’s recovering economy

Covid-19 has hit Spain after the country had recorded a record FDI year in 2019.

Egyptian reforms encourage FDI uptick

Liberalisation and economic diversification have led to rise in greenfield FDI

Coronavirus set to shock Middle East's most fragile economies

The Middle East’s more fragile countries are most vulnerable to Covid-19.